Are electric cars cheaper to run? Do hybrid cars require charging? Because we love all things cars and always enjoy answering customer questions, we’ve put together this helpful guide to explain everything about hybrid vs electric cars. 

What is an electric car?

Put simply, an electric car is a vehicle with an electric motor that is powered by a lithium-ion battery. The battery is charged externally.

Electric vehicles are growing in popularity because they don’t need any petrol at all and need very little maintenance due to their lack of moving parts. 

What is a hybrid car?

A hybrid vehicle is a car that has both a battery-powered electric motor and a petrol-powered engine that can be used either together or independently. For that reason, hybrid cars don’t need to be charged externally as they generate their own energy that can then be stored in the battery. 

Hybrid vehicles such as the MG HS PHEV are attractive to customers because they erase the fear of running out of battery charge as well as being on average more cost-effective to purchase than a totally electric car. 

What does PHEV mean?

There are lots of acronyms floating around when it comes to electric and hybrid vehicles and one that a lot of customers get confused by is PHEV. It stands for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. A hybrid only charges itself when while the engine is running, but a PHEV can be plugged into an electrical outlet and charged independently. 

The MG HS PHEV gives customers the best of both worlds; remarkable performance and technology combined with low-emission practicality. It has an output of 198 Kw total, with the 1.5L turbo combustion engine - providing an impressive 1.7L/100km fuel consumption (combined), as well as 39g/km CO2 emissions. 

Want zero emissions?

The benefits of electric vehicles (EVs) are obvious – especially for those wanting to drive without creating any emissions. The MG ZS EV is a new family-friendly electric car that is super simple to charge. On the go, it can be rapid charged to 80% in approximately 45 minutes from a 50kW DC fast charger. It can also be charged fully overnight at home on a 75kW domestic charger, which takes just seven hours. 

Does it feel different to drive electric?

Whether you choose to drive a fully electric vehicle, a hybrid car, or a PHEV, you’ll notice the difference compared to a conventional petrol engine. First of all, electric engines are extremely quiet and smooth to drive. In addition, the MG ZS EV uses regenerative braking so you can drive with just one pedal in some situations. 

Which one’s better, hybrid or electric?

There are so many considerations when buying a new or used MG, and ultimately, it all comes down to your preference. If you prefer the thought of never having to charge your car – maybe a hybrid is for you. If the environment is your main concern, electric vehicles have a lot to offer. And if you can’t decide and want it all, the MG HS PHEV could be your perfect match. 

Still have questions?

If you’re still unsure when it comes to hybrid vs electric cars, we’re here to help. At Western MG, we deliver stand-out vehicles at unbelievable prices. We’re proud of providing expert customer service every day, and love answering customer queries. Contact Western MG today to get all your questions answered.